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Hi Renato,

1. there are several lists of cemeteries, but none of them is complete.
Almost every town or village had its own cemetery. There are towns and
villages with more cemeteries. You would be surprised to know how many tiny
villages had their own graveyards.
2. Öcs had its own Jewish cemetery for sure (theoretically the upper section
of the Christian/public cemetery) but as far as I know there aren't any
graves any more. Maybe it only had a couple of markers but noone really
3. Usually the pattern was the following: bigger communities set up their
cemeteries first and people who died in the nearby little towns were buried
in the nearby towns. Then each community set up its own cemetery and stopped
using the other cemeteries in the area (some kept using other cemeteries as
well and this situation was complicated with the split in 1869
(orthodox/neolog/status quo ante).


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