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Shaul Sharoni

Dear Siggers,=20
Looking for descendants of the following people, all related to the Racz
family. This family originates >from Olsavica, Levoca and Spisska =
all in present-day Slovakia:
Izsak Racz and Verona (Debora) Klein-he was born in Olsavica, Levoca
district, Slovakia, died in Miskolc in 906 (both he and his wife are =
there). Their children:

1. Regina Racz, 16.2.1875 in Miskolc
2. Margit Racz, 28.5.1879 in Miskolc-died 5.7.1879
3. Samuel (Samu) Racz, 16.6.1880 in Miskolc, lived in Budapest, died in
1944. Was survived by a son, Otto Georg Ratz, died in Basel in 2000.
4. Lajos Racz, 23.7.1881 in Miskolc
5. Hermina Racz, 6.9.1884 in Miskolc, married Gyula Spernath and died in =
Holocaust. Survived by descendants living in Israel.
Samuel Friedman and Maria Racz-these two married in Miskolc on 19.8.1883
when the groom was 25 years old and the bride 26. She was born in =
and he in Petricovce. At some stage the name was changed >from Felberbaum =

Their children:
1. Armin (Herman) Racz, born 11.6.1884 in Miskolc, named changed to =
Fodor in
1909>>may have immigrated to Brazil at an unknown point.
2. Mor (Moritz) Felberbaum, born 15.6.1886, died in 1887 in Miskolc.
3. Regina Friedman, born 21.10.1888 in Miskolc
4. Jenny Friedman, born 7.10.1890 in Miskolc
5. Fanny Friedman, born 7.10.1890 in Miskolc
6. Piros Friedman, born 9.3.1892 in Miskolc
No information known on what became of these people. If any of this =
rings a
bell to anyone, please reply in private.

Shaul Sharoni,=20
Ramat Gan,=20


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