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I have made great use of the Hungarian birth and marriage records in
building my family tree. However, I find that they are very
sparse--it appears that only certain records have been transcribed and
indexed. For example, there are many children that I know were born
near Rajec, Slovakia, but they don't appear in the records. Also,
it is rare to find both birth and marriage records for the same

Can anyone help me understand the gaps? Were many births and
marriages never recorded? Are these records >from distributed
archives, and many have been lost? Are there more records on
microfilm at LDS, which have never been put into the online index?

thank you, Jim Milch

Moderator: You did not mention the years that the births
and marriages took place but I assume they happened when Rajecz was
in Trencsen megye, Hungary. The vital records database includes close
to 3000 BMD records >from Rajecz, including 70 births, 23 marriages, and
14 deaths but there are many reasons why you are not finding some that
you need:
1. Register was not filmed by Family Search;
2. Register has not been indexed by H-SIG volunteers;
3. Events were not reported;
4. Names are misspelled in the Jewish register;
5. Event took place in another place;
6. Marriages were often not reported.
Others can probably think of more reasons but there are also remedies.
1. Check to see if register images are available on-line or
can be borrowed for use at a nearby library branch (this may require browsing
through many images);
2. If FamilySearch has the register but it has not been indexed, volunteer as
as an indexer!

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