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Mark Strauss

Dear H-Sig Members

For those attending the IAJGS Conference in Orlando, this summer, I will be=
presenting a program that should be of special interest to H-Sig members. =
The Program is entitled, The DNA of Reconnecting Family: The Strauss Famil=
y Experience. =20

Starting with a tidbit of family history gained >from a visiting cousin from=
Israel, this presentation describes how I was able to expand upon anecdota=
l stories and verify with census research, newspaper articles, and DNA disc=
overies to trace my Strauss family history back to the 1700=E2=80=99s in an=
area of Hungary that is now southeastern Slovakia. I will also describe le=
ssons learned >from a heritage tour of our ancestral village, Zeteny, Hungar=
y, (now Zatin, Slovakia), and how by sharing with others who were also seek=
ing to know more about family >from this area, doors were opened to new fami=
ly discoveries. Finally, the presentation will describe how by working with=
both Y and autosomal DNA data >from the three major DNA testing sites, I wa=
s able to patiently root out lost branches of the family that were divided =
by the Holocaust.

The program will be presented on Tuesday, July 25, at 5:00 PM in the Osprey=
2 Meeting Room in the Disney World Swan Resort: I look forward to meeting=
other H-Sig members.

Mark Strauss
Researching >from Hungary and Slovakia: STRAUSZ, DEUTSCH, LEFKOWITS, BERKOWI=

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