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Bob Friedman

To Sarah and everyone who participated in any way:

The new entries >from Nagyvarad helped me solve mysteries that I've been =
working on for 20+ years.

My family's oral history and written memoirs left out the married =
surnames of my ggf's two sisters,
who were born in Luncsoara (Lokk) but lived with their husbands and =
children in Oradea (Nagyvarad).
The new data confirm that one of them married a Herskovits, and revealed =
that the other one married
an Openheim.

Now to look for their descendants, and hope that some of them survived =
the Shoah or emigrated before
it was too late.

And I'm just getting started...Kassa is my next "destination."

With much appreciation,
Bob Friedman

On Wed, 12 Apr 2017 05:12:45 +0000 (UTC), "Sarah Feuerstein =
<h-sig@...> wrote:

I am very happy to announce a new upload of over 11 000 new entries into=
Hungarian databases. A lot of new Nagyvarad data, Kassa area, Alsokubin,=
Szendro, Szilagynagyfalu, and some smaller towns like Krasso, =
Kismajteny, Csomakoz,=20
Kanyahaza. If all goes well there may be another upload in the next =
couple of months. In the works are Papa, Kassa proper, Balassagyarmat, =
Arad, more Nagyvarad, just to name a few.=20
I would like to remind everyone that if you do find that the transcribed=
material advances your genealogical research, please, do remember the =
never ending efforts of our volunteers, and make a donation as a thank =
you to help further the acquisitions of more photographed registers. =
Another means of support could be the transcribing of a register or two =
from a town of your special interest. You will be helped and guided =
along the way and, in turn, it will be great gift to countless others who=
will be searching those towns now or in the future.=20

Wishing you all Chag Sameach,
Sarah Feuerstein
Vital Records Coordinator,

Moderator: Thanks to Sarah and her great volunteers for helping to make =
the Hungary=20
database one of JewishGen's very best. If you don't have time to help =
index records,
you can support the vital records project with a generous donation to =
the Hungarian
SIG General Fund. Go to=20 =
scroll down to the General Fund line.

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