Hungary SIG #Hungary Re: Mano LOFFLER from Budapest - burial and address enquiry #hungary

Logan Kleinwaks

Yohanan Loeffler asked how to find the address in Budapest of Mano
Loeffler. Many Budapest and all-Hungary directories are viewable
online and can be searched to find addresses (and occupations, or
searched by address to find names, etc.). In this case, go to, type "loffler mano"~3 in the search box
(exactly like that, it will allow the words to appear in any order and
with up to two other words in between, such as additional given names
or title), and press the Search button. Each result includes a link
to view the corresponding scanned directory page. Most of the results
for this search come >from directories digitized by Hungaricana, where
they can also be searched, but some also come >from a directory I
digitized -- by searching at, you can
simultaneously search them all (and Hungarian directories, yizkor
books, etc. >from other sources). It is not necessary to change the
Any Place search option to Hungary for this search, but might be for
others, if too many non-Hungarian matches are returned.

Logan Kleinwaks
near Washington, D.C.

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