Hungary SIG #Hungary Greif & Feuerlicht, 1890s, New York City #hungary

Alex Magocsi

I an trying to find a FEUERLICHT family that has a connection to a GREIF =
family, both residing in the late 19th and early 20th
century New York City.

The GREIF family consisted of Alex (Sandor), his wife Hani Goldman Greif =
and their 8 children.
Alex=E2=80=99s mother was Hannah Feuerlicht / Feierlickt.

The FEUERLICHT family I am seeking is known to me only as Uncle and Aunt =
Feuerlicht as shown in an 1890s letter.

Do these names appear in your family history database?
If so, please contact me privately.

Thank you
Alex Magocsi

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