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I am trying to locate Jewish death records in/around Nitra between
1914-1920. Several letters I've received >from the Nitra State Archives
states they only have Jewish records between 1850 and 1900 (and they
have been able to provide some data >from that period).

My g-g father, OBLATH Lipot was born in Salgo, Nitra, Slovakia in 1843
(based on 1868 Census), married SCHWARZ Julia on August 18, 1870 (MR
obtained >from Nitra State Archives). Though they lived and raised
their 10 children in Csabaj-Capor, I know >from a postcard that
Lipot/Julia were in Nitra in 1914, and I know that he died sometime
between Feb 1917 - Jan 1920. Julia died in Budapest in 1926 and is
buried there (single grave though references she is widowed). She came
to Budapest to be with her children when she became ill.

I am trying to locate his death record--not only to obtain his date of
death but also for any reference to his parents, OBLATH Israel and
Sali (identified on Lipot/Julie=E2=80=99s MR). I've combed all the Budapest
Districts in the Civil Registration but without success, and the Nitra
Archives could find nothing about Israel and Sali other than son=E2=80=99s =
I believe they died prior to 1875 as Lipot/Julia's first two children,
Iszo and Rosalia were name for them.

I recognize that many of the Nitra Jewish records were destroyed
during the 20th c but perhaps there are some source documents I
haven't learned of yet. Any direction/guidance would be most
appreciated (P.S. - I've
been researching this particular issue for several years.).

Valerie Oblath
San Mateo, CA

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