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Madeleine Isenberg

Hilary and others,

When I first began to read birth records for Huncovce and
surroundings, I encountered similar questions about "illegitimacy" and
this question has arisen many times over the years. If you use
JewishGen's "Search Website"
( enter the words,
"illegitimate birth" you will find 417 entries, some of which will

Most of these will probably indicate that traditional Jewish weddings
had taken place and >from and Jewish point of view the children were
legitimately "kosher." There may be several reasons why they appear
as illegitimate, the most predominant was because no civil record
existed for the birth.

There was high mortality rate for women who had given birth and often
it occurred that a man might marry his dead-wife's sister, since she
would probably be more caring about her bereaved nieces or nephews
than some other woman. However, a law existed in the Austro-Hungarian
empire (and even in England until 1907, see,
that forbade a man to marry his dead-wife's sister. Per non-Jewish
law, they considered it some form of incest. Hence, such a marriage
could not be registered as a legitimate civil marriage. However,
sometimes the result is that the child might actually have to bear the
mother's maiden name, raising other genealogical questions.

Contact me off-line about family name of WOLF born in Huncovce or
nearby and with additional details.

Madeleine Isenberg
Beverly Hills, CA

Researching: GOLDMAN, STEINER, LANGER, GLUECKSMAN in various parts of
Galicia, Poland, such as: Nowy Targ, Wachsmund, Lopuszna, Ochotnica,
possibly Krakow, who migrated into Kezmarok or nearby
Straszky/Nagy-Eor/Nehre, both now in Slovakia.
GOLDSTEIN in Abaujszina (Sena), Szkaros, and Kosice, Slovakia;
Tolcsva, Hungary; Possibly Timosoara, Romania

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