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Alex Magocsi

Recently Uncle Joe passed away. He was a survivor of Auschwitz and was a resident of the above referenced Home. This home was also known as the
Aglasterhausen Home for Orphaned and Unaccompanied Children and was in operation as a displaced personâ??s (DP) camp >from early 1946 to late 1948.

As a way to remember Uncle Joe, I decided to research Aglasterhausen and stumbled upon two photographs at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum of some of the â??childrenâ?? >from the home and, as a nice surprise, Uncle Joe is shown in one. The two photographs were donated by a private person.

I have scratched the internet quite a bit in my search for information, especially photos, regarding this Childrenâ??s Home, searching both the USHMM and the digital collections of the International Tracing Service (ITS Arolsen).

I am writing today to see if any of the readers of these lists have any photographs >from the referenced Childrenâ??s Home.
I suspect that there are photographs in private hands and I suspect there are others who may be interested in seeing such photos.

Thank you

Alex Magocsi


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