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Beth Long

I just checked, and the link is still there. You do need to be logged in however (an account is free; you just need to set up a user name and password);cat=409881

From: "Peter Bakos" <>
To: H-SIG <>
Sent: Saturday, December 30, 2017 10:07 PM
Subject: [h-sig] Oroszvar records

I am seeking the registers of Oroszvar/Rosovce presently in Slovakia. (It was transferred in 1946 not 1919)

This place was near Rajka in Moson.

Budapest or Bratislava?

Please don't direct me to the Family Search site as there is no longer any link to Jewish records there.

Peter G. Bakos

St Crespin, France

SCHUSTER, Gyor, Papa,

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