Hungary SIG #Hungary RE: IZSAK from Nagyvarad to Argentina #hungary

Madeleine Isenberg


Perhaps this will help.

If you go to this Buenos Aires website:

under "Funeral Services" you can put in the Surname and you will get
information on who is buried and in which cemetery. I tried your
IZSAK and there were two, including one Ignacio, which might be the
Ignatz you are looking for.

Good luck,

Madeleine Isenberg
Beverly Hills, CA

Researching: GOLDMAN, STEINER, LANGER, GLUECKSMAN in various parts of
Galicia, Poland, such as: Nowy Targ, Wachsmund, Lopuszna, Ochotnica,
possibly Krakow, who migrated into Kezmarok or nearby
Straszky/Nagy-Eor/Nehre, both now in Slovakia.
GOLDSTEIN in Abaujszina (Sena), Szkaros, Szikso, and Kosice, Slovakia;
Tolcsva, Hungary; Possibly Timosoara, Romania

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