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I had a nice productive day at the Magyar Zsido Library at the Synagogue.=20

They try to be helpful, but much of what they tell you is what you can alre=
ady find on Jewish Gen.

But they do have the microfilms and if you wish to avoid the endless bus tr=
ip up to the Archives at north end of Obuda then the investment of 1000 For=
int is well worth it.

Thanks to Vivian Kahn who found a marriage in 1885 where Fulop Schuster was=
a witness (Jewish Gen database only shows one witness out of four which is=
why you should ALWAYS consult the register) and knowing the death of his w=
idow in 1893, I was able to quickly search the registers and find the death=
of Fulop Schuster in 1889 aged 75. His place of birth was given as Karlbu=
rg in Moson Megye, but this is difficult at Karlburg shows in some director=
ys as Karolyvar which is next to Belgrade.

In fact, Karlburg is Oroszvar, which is now in Slovakia but for which the H=
ungarian records exist.

Peter G. Bakos, normally >from St Crespin, France, but temporarily in Budape=
st. Searching SCHUSTER and related - NOBEL/NOBL, STEINER, WALLNER >from Pap=
a, Gyor, Oroszvar, Szilsarkany and Csorna.

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