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I can't stand the success! Visit to the VIth District offices got me the details of the death of Sarolta Herskovits (my gggrandmother) in Budapest in 1915. She was 98, meaning whe was born about 1817 (There is a record and a burial site at the Synagogue but it provides nothing about parents).

She was the daughter of Mayer Herskovits and Hanna Mayerhoffer >from Abauj-Torna megye

Question: Anybody have any information on this couple?


Peter G Bakos, normally in St. Crespin France, but briefly in Budapest searching Herskovits and Mayerhoffer >from Abauj Szina and vicinity.

By the way, you have to watch the clerks. They look in the index, find the wrong person and then say they have no record. When you give the date they simply say, "millions died". It took a lot of looking at different indeces in different ways before he turned to December 6 1915 and there she was. Had he done so at the beginning it would have been done more quickly=

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