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J Weisman

Hello Friends

I've tried to no avail to reply privately to Erika, and am making this =
last attempt to post here in the event my emails went to her spam folder =
and she sees this response.=20

Pepi REINICZ is my great great grandmother. It appears she was born in =
1837 somewhere in Austria Hungary. She married Jozsef Herz KLEIN (born =
~1830 in Mikofalva, Heves Hungary / died 1904 in Tirgu Lapus, Maramures, =

Their four children were:
Mari Regi/Regina/Rebecca, b1867 in Besztercze/Bistrita (my great =
Zali, b1870 in Bekecs
Herman, b1871 in Lippa/Lipova
Miksa, b1877 in Bekecs.

I have the children's birth records or indexes, but nothing else beyond =
info on my ggm Mari Regi (who settled in Pittsburgh).

If anyone has information on Pepi REINICZ, Jozsef Herz KLEIN (son of =
Marton), or their children I'd be grateful to share. I have checked all =
the databases on JewishGen. I'm also on Ancestry, and have basic trees =
on Geni and MyHeritage.

Thank you kindly,

Julie Weisman
New York
Researching >from Hungary: KLEIN, REINICZ, BIRKENFELD

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Subject: REINITZ
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2017 11:35:23 -0500
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My great-grandmother=E2??s first name is given as =E2??Pepi=E2?? in =
all of the official=20
documents I=E2??ve seen that refer to her. I=E2??ve only seen one =
reference to her as
=E2??Josefina=E2?? =E2?? in a commercial directory. =20
Unfortunately, the official documents I=E2??ve seen for her don=E2??t =
include a birth=20
record, so I don=E2??t know whether or not her official given name was =
Pepi o
r not.
(Her maiden surname was Reinitz. She married three times: Misters =
Gottfried, and Braun; she was possibly born in TIsza Polgar, b. 1853? =
- d. 1928.) =20
If anyone has any suggestions for tracking down her birth record, =
I=E2??d appreciate it. =20
Erika Gottfried
Teaneck, NJ
Hungary: Braun Gottfried Klein Reinitz Rozinger Wasserman
Latvia: Schwab, Kirsch, Maranofsky
Lithuania: Grosbard, Schwab, Tevelson
Slovakia: Gottfried
Ukraine (Austrian Empire/Poland): Fischler
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