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Beth Long

Your best bet is not the town hall, but rather the archive. You can check online Even with the most restrictive interpretation of the law, anything 100 years old or more should be accessible.

Quickest way to determine whether these are your relatives is to have a look at the Yad Vashem lists, filtering for name and town.

Beth Long
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Sent: Thursday, January 18, 2018 10:09 PM
Subject: [h-sig] Tornyosnemeti Moskovits

Last fall when going to Kassa/Kosice I passed through Tornyosnemeti, a small town next to the border with Slovakia and which is quite close to Sena/Szina.

As I was walking past the church my eye caught a very large memorial which read "Our Martyrs: 1848-1956" under which were inscribed a list of names.

I always scrutinize such monuments as one never knows what may be discovered by so doing.

Lo and behold there appeared the names Moskovits Gyula and Moskovits Gyulane, no further information.

I am assuming this is a town memorial which is erected in the churchyard and the names are not limited to members of the church.

My question is; how do I find out who were this Gyula Moskovits and his wife? Are they, as I suspect, >from Szina and they moved over the new border in 1919? If so, then he was probably the brother of my great grandmother.

I was going to go up there, but my Hungarian is rudimentary, I have no idea when the town hall is open, and with the Orban regime's tightening of access to public records, whether they would even give me any information.

Hints anybody, Please.

Peter Bakos (normally, St. Crespin, France, but temporarily in Budapest) searching, for now, MAYERHOFFER, MOSKOVITS, HERSKOVITS, >from Abauj Megye and SCHUSTER >from Moson Megye

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