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Abuwasta Abuwasta

Dear Genners,

After a pause of nine years I hope that some new data may have been discovered in the meantime by members of this group.

My late father in law David APOTHEKER (1908-1995) was born in Bardejov to Lazar(Elieser) APOTHEKER who was born in Nowy Sacz

in 1860 and to Bina KLAUSNER who was born in 1865 in Bardejov. Bina's parents Loebl KLAUSNER and Eszter AMSTER were both

born in Bardejov. The couple got married in 1895 in Bardejov and all their 9 children were born there.

I wonder whether any of those names names ring a bell to you.

Regards >from Jerusalem

Jacob Rosen

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