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Dear fellow H-Siggers,

I'd like to hear >from anyone with Schreiber relatives >from the village of Stropkov (formerly Sztropko) in eastern Slovakia.

In the mid-19th century, Sztropko was a village of some 500 souls, more than half of them Jews. Dozens of Schreibers seem to have lived there, constantly intermarrying with other Schreibers.Now Iâ??m trying to figure out the common ancestor of these interrelated Scxhreibers.

I've found three separate but interrelated trees for the Schreibers of Stropkov. One is descended >from Rabbi Wolf Schreiber (1790-1865). A second branch is descended >from Elimelech Schreiber (c 1823-1891) and his sister Chaya (c1835-c 1920), who married a son of Wolf Schreiber. The third tree descends >from my great-great-great-grandmother Rachel Leah Schreiber Sobel (1810?-1863?) and her apparent older brother Herman/Hirsch Schreiber (1794-1857).

In all three of these trees, I find many Schreiber men named Abraham, Wolf and Isaac. Other related surnames are Sobel, Reiss, and Weinberger.

I've already combed Melody Amsel's history of the Jews of Bardejov, "Between Galicia and Hungary." Iâ??ve been in touch with Melody herself. Any additional clues would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.
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