Hungary SIG #Hungary Cemetery photos from Bely, Dobra, Damoc, Czeke and other nearby villlages #hungary


I have recently broken through a brick wall on my Berger side (names
of three 3xggparents) and have added several towns and villages to my
family tree. If anyone has visited or plans on visiting the towns
listed below and could photograph the Jewish gravestones I would
greatly appreciate collaborating. I am particularly interested in
Berger, Deutsch, and Paplanos, but obviously I may discover new names

The towns in Slovakia are:
Biel (formerly Bely)
Velke Trakany (formerly Naytarkany)
Cejkov (formerly Czeke)

In Zemplen county:
Agard (Zemplenagard).

Many thanks,
Lynn Pollak Golumbic
Haifa, Israel
(researching: Pollak, Sicherman, Gottlieb, Heimlich, Fried, Krausz,
Berger, Paplanos, Groszman, Kalla, Rosenthal, Wohl, Trattner,
Schonfeld, Klein, Dancziger, Deutsch, Goldman, Spitz, Fraenkel)

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