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Hello friends,

As a preliminary action towards what shortly would follow by the first
deportations of Jews to Poland,
in February 1942 the Slovak fascist government (1939-1945) issued an
ordinance entitled
"Supis Zidov."
This legal document compelled all Jews residents in that territory to
register as a Jew, specifying their personal data (birthdate, address, ID
card #, etc.)
The end product was a huge cadaster of around 90,000 Slovak Jews, sorted by
district and county of residence.

For those searching the whereabouts of their Slovak relatives murdered in
the Shoah this is a very valuable document.
The complete set of lists is stored at the Slovak National Archive
(Slovensky narodny archiv).

Here is the catch:
Nowadays Slovak government does not allow publishing online this
list of names and related data.
Only certified historians and genealogists can examine and search it at the
center in Bratislava.
I am not sure if copies of pages can be made.

Individual searches can be requested.
On the site of this archive one can find the instructions (in Slovak)
about how an interested party should request a search and eventual facsimile
of the documents found.
This searching service is paid.

The reason for this my message is to inquire if among readers of this list
is there a fellow member and professional, living in Slovakia, who
is willing to undertake such a search assignment.
Please reply in private.

Note: I encourage those who by chance have used this service to share with
the group their experience.


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