Hungary SIG #Hungary Visiting Borsa in August #hungary


Hi all,

I will visit Borsa, Maramures after the Warsaw conference and would
love to hear >from the people in the list with more experience:
* A place (Pensiune) you recommend to stay for 3 adults + 2 kids (9
and 16 years old)
* A good guide / translator in the area
* Do you know if the cemetery has being photographed? I found some
Photographs by Zev Radovan of the Borsa Cemetery at The National
Library of Israel at
* Same for Jewish Cemetery in Moise and Viseu (No info on JOWBR)
* Any Jewish institution/synagogues/community in Borsa or Moise ?

Many thanks in advance
Daniel Horowitz

Moderator: Please respond privately if you have recommendations for guides,hotels
etc. OK to share info that may be of general interest.

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