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Peter Absolon


The Jewish Vital records (pre-1895) >from town of Zdana, Slovakia
(formerly Zsadany, Hernadzsadany) and the area around were never
filmed by LDS. Actually the records were not preserved and probably
lost during WW2.

I recently learned that Kosice archive keeps secondary copy and
extracts of Jewish BMD registers >from Zsadany. Not complete, though as
there are gaps - but one can find the records back in 1850's.

So this morning I took the scans >from all available pages and I'm
going to transcribe them soon. After transcription I will donate the
material to H-SIG so they could be added to All-Hungary Database soon.

I also took pictures of Kosice/Kassa civil vital records 1915-1917
that were released >from Vital Registry office to the State Archive
only last week.

If you have any ancestors >from places like Zsadany, Csany, Nadasd,
Szkaros, and would like run simple search, please let me know.

Peter Absolon
Kosice, Slovakia

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