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Susanna Vendel

Here is an interesting website for everyone researching Hungarian
genealogy and searching for information about Hungary, Hungarian
history, documents, names, addresses, etc.

HUNGARICANA is a common website of Hungarian archives, museums and
libraries, operated by the Library of Parliament, Hungary
(Orszaggyulesi Konyvtar). The digitization was financed by the NKA
(National Cultural Fund of Hungary) in the past years and we set
ourselves the main goal to publish the cultural heritage of Hungary on
one site: databases, records, documents, images, maps, etc. Now more
than 100 institutes serve data, some of them >from foreign countries.
The main databases (see details in databases menu):

Library: publication of archives, museums, libraries
Postcards: more than 300.000 postcards
MAPIRE: Historical Maps of the Habsburg Empire
Maps: unique historical maps >from the biggest Hungarian collections
Documents: medieval charters, notarial records, criminal cases, civil
law cases, etc.
Old Hungarian Library (RMK)

Susanna Vendel

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