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Dear H-SIGgers -

Can anyone please advise me as to what happened to the Jews living in Yellow Star houses in Budapest? It's too long a story to go into here, but my father was born in Budapest in 1941 and raised in his Christian family. He had no idea until I discovered >from research about 25 years ago that his mother and her parents were Jews who had converted - like so many - in 1923. It was a miracle that they survived, although we don't know how. My father, his sisters, his Christian father and Jewish-to-Catholic mother lived in their own home in Budapest during the war and carried on as regular Hungarians. I never knew how my greatgrandparents survived, and until she died my grandmother refused to acknowledge or discuss my discovery.

To my absolute shock, I just found this document >from the Hungaricana site. Forgive the inclusion of a link, but I couldn't get it on to Viewmate. This is a Flat Data Sheet >from 1944 identifying my grandfather (Rezso GABOR) as a Jew living in a designated Yellow Star House on Saru utca. My Hungarian isn't great, but that much I understand.

My question is... then what happened? These weren't really safe houses, were they? My greatgrandparents were not sent away, but somehow remained in Budapest and eventually came to Canada in the early 1960's. Were some Yellow Star residents removed? Meant for deportation, Budapest ghetto, or G-d forbid the Danube? Were all Yellow Star residents saved, or were my greatgrandparents extremely blessed and lucky that their house was spared? I realize that I may never know for sure, but if anyone can put in context for me what generally happened to the Yellow Star residents, I would be most grateful. I can't begin to explain how emotional and overwhelmed I am to have finally tracked down some sort of record of my greatgrandparents >from the war.

I don't know if this is of general interest, or if it is best to respond to me privately.

Many thanks.

Michele Sankar

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