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George Moskowitz

Hello Peter:

My name is George Moskowitz, and I have been putting together a family
tree on My family is >from Hungary (motherâ??s side) and
Czechoslovakia (fatherâ??s side). My father was born in Skaros in 1905,
and I have been having trouble tracing many family members >from that
era. Some came to the USA, but many did not and were victims of the
Holocaust. I am wondering if the folder you found could yield any
information on any of them.

While I do not live in that area (I live in the USA), I would love to
be able to get any information that results >from the researcherâ??s
work, whether directly or >from JewishGen, if there is any mention of
any of my family members,

George Moskowitz

Moderator: George, as you may know MOSKOVITS/MOSKOVICS was a very common surname
for Jews who lived in that part of Hungary that is now eastern Slovakia where
Medzilaborce is located. Unless you know that your family lived in Medzilaborce,
would be best for you to start researching your family in the JewishGen Hungarian
SIG database. When you send messages to this list indicate the places where your family
lived and the approximate dates. All of what is now Slovakia as well as part of
Ukraine was in Hungary before WWI and in Czechoslovakia >from the end of World War I
until the end of WWII. Once you find the names of the places where your family lived
from passenger manifests and naturalization records, we can help you identify the
former Hungarian names. The more specific the information, the easier it will be to
help you with your research.

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