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I need some help deciphering the 1869 Census pages. My family
(Hochhauser) appears on two pages - the first looks like a cover page
and the second has the details. On the first page, the city Berzevicze
appears, and on the second page the city of birth for each family
member appears. Most of the children were born in Bajorvagas,
including the youngest, who was born in 1869.
Is the city on the first page the pace where the family lived,
or is it the place where the census records were kept?
The pages in question are on LDS Microfilm 2150626 pages 83-84.

Albie Hochhauser

Moderator: 1869 has at least 4 pages for each address. Cover page identifies place
of residence and describes the property. The two middle pages list members of each
household, age, relationship to head of household, place of birth, last page lists
livestock on the property. The Hungarian State Archives in Budapest have some 1869
census records including Saros, Szepes, Nyitra and Zemplen, most of which area is
now in Slovakia.

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