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Dear H-SIG,

Can anyone help me find traces of the family of Salomon/Oskar Singer, born at Keszthely (Zala), Hungary on 4 February 1874. For Jewish official purposes, he seems to have used the name Salomon. For state/other official purposes Oskar.

His wife's name was Sidonie, nee Neuberger (born 30 July 1875). On their daughter's German-language birth certificate, she is listed as coming >from "Trenczen Mako", which I suppose is Makov near Trencin, Slovakia today.

They were married on 2 August 1898, but I do not know where.

They had a daughter, Margit, born on 26 January 1904 at what is now Karvina, Czech Republic. She later became a dentist and practiced in Prague until the summer of 1940. At that point, she returned to Slovakia. Her official residence (prislusnost) was at Oscadnica at that time.

Salamon/Oskar's profession is listed as "Locomotivfuhrer," i.e., an engineer/operator of locomotives.

The family does not seem to be on any lists of Holocaust victims at Yad Vashem, and we are hoping they may have survived.

If anyone has any tips on how to find them, their wider family and/or uncover their fates, I would be most obliged.

Thank you,

Rick Pinard, Prague

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