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the 1913 gazetteer at lists "felsobotfalu" and "felsototfalu" as well as "totfalud" and "botfalu". handwritten "t"s and "f"s can look similar. ("felso" means upper, to't means slovak and bot means stick. falu and falud mean town.)

i think it's best to post the image of the page to viewmate if you can, and get opinions on what it actually says. (transcribed records can be mangled.) preferably, post more than just your record, to provide a reasonable sampling of the person's handwriting for comparison.

....... tom klein, toronto wrote:

We have a friend whose Great Grandfather left then-Hungary to come to the US. The town he came >from looks like Tolobolfola.

I could not find it online currently nor could I find it through the Town Finder on Jewishgen. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Larry Briggs

Moderator: We might be able to provide assistance if you provided the name of the
great-grandfather. This appears to be a misspelling of the name of a place that might
start with Tol... and conclude end with suffix "falva" or "falu".

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