Hungary SIG #Hungary Re: New oroklet website #hungary


Yes, the new web interface is quite bad. But the good data is still =
there and you can get to the old interface for now at the oroklet =
at The English version works the second time =
you select it.=20

The site owners should be encourage to keep the old interface around and =
provide a link to it while they are improving the new one.=20

Regards, Mike Hollosi

Tom Klein wrote:

the oroklet website, <>, has been given a =
facelift. =20

the new version seems to be all in hungarian (watch out for names with =
and its white-on-black theme threw me for a bit of a loop. (i'm not =
used to typing
my input in white on white, or viewing results in black on black; this =
may be an is
sue with my browser/version.) i didn't see any wildcard or soundex =
options, and it=20
also says that the search function only returns the first 15 hits.=20

....... tom klein, toronto

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