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Hi John,

The answer is no. Another good source is the indexed civil vital records av=
ailable via MACSE. Let me show you what you can find there if you are a lit=
tle more open. It is a great wealth of information and can prove or disprov=
e things for you.

I have checked the MACSE database for you and Janka was married at least th=
ree times. Married Armin Eisler in 1906, who died in 1907 and Mr Jonas Ster=
n only in 1922 when she was already a widower.
So her son, Bela Somogyi must have been the son of the second husband whose=
identity we have no info about. Maybe the third husband was the brother of=
the second one.

Marriage 1
Death of husband 1.
Marriage 2.: did not find it. (Reason?: the district they married still may=
not have been indexed)
Marriage 3
Death of Husband 3
Janka was still alive when husband 3 died in 1938. And his death was report=
ed by a Bela Stern, who must be identical to the one you mentioned in your=

So the answer is, NO, the Janka Stern you have there (d 1913) is NOT your g=


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I am searching for information on a great-great aunt, born Janka FISCHER on=
25 Sep 1878. I have no location except by word of mouth. My grandmother al=
ways said her family was >from Hungary, possibly Budapest. However, I have i=
nformation that her father, Eleazar FISCHER and his first cousin, Jonas FIS=
CHER, were born in Czarny Dunajec which, according to Town Fi=
nder, is (now) in Poland but was in the Austrian Empire:
Czarny Dunajec
Nowy Targ
Austrian Empire

Janka married Jonas STERN, and the only information I have on him is that h=
e was >from Csernadurnajci, Poland, a place I cannot locate anywhere.

In any event, Janka and Jonas had a son, Bela Somogyi STERN, who was born 1=
7 Sep 1912 in Budapest and died 14 Nov 2002 in Flushing, Queens, NY.

A search of Ancestry for Janka shows me this information >from Find-a-Grave:=

Janka Stern

DEATH1913 (aged 35=E2=80=9336)
Kozma Street Jewish Cemetery
Kereszt=C3=BArid=C5=B1l=C5=91, K=C5=91b=C3=A1nya, Budapest, Hungary Add to =
Map PLOTSection 37, Row 14, Grave 39 MEMORIAL ID168213852 =C2=B7 View Sourc=

Could this be my gg-aunt? Where else can I turn for information?

John Anderson,
Orlando, FL

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