Hungary SIG #Hungary Editor needed for remaining section of 1848 census for Abauj-Torna #hungary


Sometime ago a group of us transcribed the 1848 Census for Abauj-Torna. We=
transcribed about 11,000 records in total. A wonderful and well-qualified=
volunteer editor graciously edited about 8,000 of the records, and we subm=
itted these to the SIG. As a result they are available to all through the =
SIG=E2=80=99s database and have been for some time.

There remains about 3,000 records for the 1848 Census for Abauj-Torna that =
have been transcribed (sometimes roughly), but have not been edited, and as=
a result are not available through the SIG database yet.

We are in need of a volunteer editor who would be willing and able to edit =
the remaining 3,000 records. Once edited, we will submit them to the SIG. =
We hope to find a generous person who can read 19th century script, has a =
high standard for accuracy, and a high degree of diligence and perseverance=

Please contact me (Seth Bittker: sbittker@...) off-list if you have t=
hese skills and would consider taking on this very important task. Thank y=
ou for considering this.

Best regards,
Seth Bittker

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