Early 19th Century Schnaittach Records #germany


I am looking for information about a Gottlieb COHN/KOHN/KUHN, who may have
been born in Schnaittach, Bavaria in 1801. He may have had a brother Wolf
COHN/KOHN/KUHN, born in Schnaittach in 1812 or 1813. Eventually the family moved
to Cincinnati and spelled their name COHEN.

Gottlieb and Wolf's father may have been the brother of Aaron COHEN (KUHN),
who was born in 1758 in Schnaittach, the son of Moses COHEN (KUHN) (1733-1813)
of Schnaittach.

Does anyone have any Schnaittach records >from this period that could be
helpful? Any suggestions of where to look?

David Solomon Chevy Chase, Maryland SOL2516171@aol.com

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