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Bob Friedman

The report is online at The link on the =
page says "Download," but the
report opens in a screen reader. It doesn't actually download directly =
to your computer.

Bob Friedman
Brooklyn, NY

On Thu, 3 Jan 2019 15:35:09 +0000, "John M. Hoenig hoenig@..." =

... The questionnaire was for Holocaust survivors in Transylvania and =
dates >from 1946.=20
It was administered by:

World Jewish Congress Romanian Section... for the Peace=20
Conference Questionnaire for Northern Transylvania.

I sent it to a friend, a historian, in Romania and she sent me a=20
report that analyzed all the responses >from Cluj, Carei, and Oradea=20
(Romanian names; the Hungarian names are Kolozsvar, Nagykaroly=20
and Nagyvarad). The report is of interest because it gives the=20
historical context, an explanation of the survey including=20
translation of the questions, and lists of the respondents,
the victims and the survivors. The questionnaire asks about the=20
family's status before the war, the deportation, what happened=20
while deported, the repatriation, and what was lost during the war.

The report is:

Attila, G. and S. Zsuzsa, 2010. The Surviving Jewish Inhabitants of=20
Cluj, Carei and Oradea. The Survey of the World Jewish Congress in=20
1946. Working Papers in Romanian Minority Studies, Working Paper Nr.35,=20
Institutul Pentru Studierea Problemelor Minoritatilor Nationale.=20
Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

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