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Dear colleagues

I am intensively looking for the specific link between the father of
my grandmother named Rabi Shimon (Simon) Fuchs and William Fox (the
well-known Filmmaker that nowadays Fox network etc. is on his name).
The close link between these two branches of the family was well known
to the previous generation of my family, but it is unknown today.

R' Shimon Fuchs was born In Hidasnemeti (in Hungary 2-3 km close to
the Slovakian border on E74) on June 15, 1861. He was married on
November 19, 1884 to Sali Weingarten in Siroka. He was buried in
Presov on 1933 (well documented). His parents Joel and Katy (nee
Weinstock) lived at the time of his marriage in Boldog (Bodokovarlja).
According to some other records his parents lived also in Felso Mera
and his mother name could be Katy Weinstein (and not Weinstock). Joel
died prior to 22, October, 1896 (when Shimon`s child Joel was born).

On the other branch: Michael (Mihaly) Fuchs (1856) is William's
(Wilhelm) FOX (Fuchs) (January 5, 1879) father. Michael father Marton
(Mordech) (1814-1888) was born in Hidasnemeti (where also Shimon was
born). Marton wife Beti (Gutman) (1818-1890) and all the following
offspring were born in Tolcsva: Herman (Hershke) (1848), Michael
(1856), and Moritz (1862) who seems to be Moshe David (1861). In
addition, they have the following daughters: Rozalia registered also
as Sara (1845) who was married to Hirsch Kohn on (1875) and Hani

I assume that Simon's father, Joel, is the (younger) brother of Marton
or his nephew but I have no evidence on either. I would be much
obliged If somebody could enlighten on the link between the two
Many Thanks

David Adler

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