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Dear all,

A couple of years ago I gave a talk about Hungarian Jews in the military at=
one of the IAJGS conferences (Salt Lake City).

In reality personal files of Hungarian citizens are at the Kriegsarchiv in =
Vienna. There is a Hungarian group there, a detachment of the Hungarian Mil=
itary History Institute and Museum who can help finding the files.
It is not possible to find records on everyone but if the person was wounde=
d and was in a military hospital/medical care unit or was killed then there=
may be burial documents by the field chaplain or rabbi, if the person was =
decorated, there may also be records. It is not guaranteed they would find =
the record but it is worth a try.
You would need your ancestors Hungarian and possibly German name (they way =
it may have been spelled at the time) and if possible, full maiden name of =
mother and place and date (at least year) of birth. These latter are import=
ant to pick the right one in case there are several people with the same na=


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