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"files... remained in the successor states" is the standard response of the
military archives in vienna. but my experience with at least one of my relatives is
that not all ww1 files >from (post trianon) hungary were destroyed. it's worth
checking with the relevant country's archives, if you can.

tom klein, toronto

ericalishahn@... wrote:

I recently wrote to an Austrian genealogist with a specialty in the military archives, Johann Hammer, about attempting to locate the WW I military service record of my grandfather who was >from Szabadka Hungary (now Serbia.) I had heard all of the records were in the Austrian military Archives in Vienna. The genealogist wrote back.This is his response.
The Austrian War Archives hold personnel files only for soldiers who are born after 1865 in the territory of present-day Austria.
Files of soldiers born after 1865 outside the territory of present-day Austria remained in the successor states of the Monarchy. Unfortunately, most of those files were destroyed after WWI.

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