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Jo Volk

I tried to email Alfred Holtzman regarding Fuerman family but his emails bounce back.
Any suggestions?


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Subject: Kosma Utca Cemetery visit
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2019 15:00:40 -0400
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Hello Everyone:

I am a long-time monitor of H-SIG, and once again, I'm reaching out....

Does anyone plan to visit the Kosma Utca cemetery in Budapest?
I know the exact parcel, row, and grave numbers of an ancestor who
died in 1913, and would really appreciate a photograph of the gravestone.
Please contact me for details.

Alfred J. Holzman


Feuermann: in Slovakia

Guttman: Nyirmada, Kosice/Kassa, Kisvarda, in Hungary

Holzman: Rudno, Vrutky, Rajec, Strecno, Podhora Trencin, in Slovakia

Holtzman: Trencin, Bodorova/Bitorova, Nagy Cepscin, in Slovakia

Kohn: Laclava, in Slovakia

Lerner: Chust vicinity in Ukraine

Reichert: Laclava, Sucany, Martin, in Slovakia

Trostler: Bela, in Slovakia

Weingarten: Chust, Buchko/Bustino, in Ukraine

Winkler: Nyirmada, in Hungary

Moderator: Please respond off-list if you have contact info for Alfred Holtzman.

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