Hungary SIG #Hungary Carpathian Ruthenia: Khmilnyk/Komlos, Uzhhorod/Ungvar telephone directories now searchable #hungary

Logan Kleinwaks

Courtesy of the Miriam Weiner Archival Collection, with assistance
from the Library of Congress, I recently added 75 Ukrainian telephone
directories >from 1970 to 1994 to the full-text search engine at, including two for places formerly in Carpathian

1984 Khmilnyk Telephone Directory (formerly Komlos)

1988 Uzhhorod Telephone Directory (formerly Ungvar)

These directories were collected by renowned genealogist Miriam Weiner
over her decades-long pioneering career in Jewish genealogy, donated
to the Library of Congress in 2016, scanned meticulously by the
Library of Congress for preservation and presentation on their
website, and, finally, OCR'd by me and added to the search engine.
The Library of Congress' European Division also obtained the necessary
permissions to share this important material online. Thanks to Miriam
Weiner, the Library of Congress, and the Ukrainian Embassy for making
this possible.

Although these two directories are written in Russian, you do not need
to know any Russian to search. If your search term consists of a
single word (e.g., a surname), the search results will automatically
include Russian transliterations by default. You can also enter
search terms in Russian, which can be helpful if you use advanced
search syntax.

Searches will include these and all 4,000+ other sources by default.
To restrict your search to only these two directories, append {d3262,
d3269} to your search term (e.g., segal {d3262, d3269}). Or, to
search everything but show results >from these directories near the
top, instead change the Regular Sort option below the search box to
New Matches First.

For the full announcement concerning all 75 directories, see

Logan Kleinwaks
near Washington, D.C.

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