Hungary SIG #Hungary Correction to link (European Union) European Jewish Cemeteries Initiative Launches New Website With Surveys of 1500 Jewish Cemeteries #hungary

Jan Meisels Allen

Yesterday, I submitted for posting a blurb about the new European Jewish
Cemeteries Initiative new website and I guess the link >from the earlier
posting about My Heritage did not clear and spell check did not pick it =
=A0and it was included rather than the correct ESJF website link. That =
link is =20

The ESJF has mapped 1500 cemeteries in 5 countries: Greece, Lithuania,
Moldova, Slovakia and the Ukraine.=A0

As each cemetery is completed and processed aerial photographs, =
data and geographical data will be uploaded to the website. This is a =
in progress.

As previously reported, the European Union provided 800,000 Euros for =
project.=A0 The ESJF started work in 2015 by surveying and fencing =
cemeteries to protect them >from destruction. With the EU grant, it has
expanded its mission using drone technology and historical research to =
the 1500 Jewish cemetery sites in the 5 aforementioned countries. To =
more about the ESJF see:

Thank you to Amy Wachs, JGS Cleveland =A0for pointing out the error

Jan Meisels Allen
Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee

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