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John Hoenig

My great great grandfather lived in Transylvania near Kolozsvar (Cluj Napoca) and Thurda and Hatseg. On two documents >from the mid 19th century his place of birth is written very clearly as Zamset and Zanset. I am unable to identify this place. I spoke to a woman at the archives in Cluj and she spoke to a colleague of hers but they were unable to identify the town. It?s possible he immigrated to Transylvania >from another country but I have no knowledge of this.

Can anyone help?


John Hoenig
Searching for HONIG, KREINOVICS (various spellings), ALSO, MIHALY
from Kolozsvar, Turda/Torda, Hatszeg, Samosujvar (Gherla), Aranyosgyeres (Campia Turzii)


John M. Hoenig

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