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1. 18th Century Tombstones in Jewish Cemeteries in Hungary


Subject: 18th Century Tombstones in Jewish Cemeteries in Hungary
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I came across a fascinating document on the website the 339 page
doctoral dissertation on the above-noted topic by Balogh Istvan defended
summa cum laude on March 2019. This will be of interest only to those
researching forebears before the end of the 1700s, able to read Hungarian at
a fairly sophisticated level. The research is grouped into some geographic
areas of Hungary (it does not include the South East (the Great Plains) on
which area the author wrote an earlier book.

The cemeteries of some of the towns covered in the thesis are: Nagykanizsa,
Paks, Acs, Lovasbereny, Baja, Balassagyarmat, Miskolc, Mad, Mako,
Bodrogkeresztur and Obuda. For each cemetery there is a detailed, scholarly
analysis of the matzevot with names, design style and other detail. For this
part of the document, which is likely to be of most interest to
genealogists, a knowledge of Hebrew might suffice as the Hebrew writing
(along with the Hungarian) is included. There are photos of many of the
cemeteries along with memorial plaques (no names).

If the author's name sounds familiar it is because about ten years ago in
his early twenties he wrote a book in Hungarian Bekes Beketlenseg about the
Jewish communities of Bekes County. Dr Balogh is remarkable individual who
teaches various aspects of Judaism, the Holocaust and is active in the
preservation of Jewish heritage sites in Hungary. An English summary of his
dissertation might be forthcoming.

Catherine Adam
Toronto, Canada

ADAM Vojvodina, Bekescsaba

KULPIN Domony, Bekescsaba

SCHONTHAI Godollo, Hosszufalu, Budapest

KOHN Godollo, Issaszeg

GUTH Switzerland

KIS(S) Szeged



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