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shaul berger

3 years ago I found a maternal branch through DNA (FTDNA).All DNA matching was done vs Robert Charles Greenwood whose mother was Charlotte Hutter. My maternal grandfather was Leo Hutter. I know that Charlotte Hutter (born in Budapest 3/4/1900) was Robert's mother. Robert Charles Greenwood is on FamilyTreeDNA as a 1st-2nd cousin match to my mother. The DNA matching is very strong 474 total centimorgans with longest block of 71. This is confirmed by the fact that I am 1st-3rd cousin with DNA matching 320/71. Similar strong DNA matching is found for my brother Joseph and my son Erran. So no doubt that I am related to Robert. The question is how? Robert nor his daughter do not have a clue. Their Ancestry is full of errors and very unreliable. It does not answer my questions at all.Â

Where and how can I get solid data about their "origins' in Hungary? Charlotte was born 3/4/1900. Her brother Israel Irving in 1897 and her sister Shari 10/14/1910. All in Budapest. They all immigrated to USA in early 20th century and appear also in 1930 census. Their family is (maybe) >from Lubycza Królewska, Poland (JRI search came empty). My grandfather Leo Hutter was born in 1879 in Jaroslaw which is not too far away. I am looking for the parenst/grandparents of Charlotte, Irving and Shari and they should be on their birth registration.Â

Any advice how to find the birth certificates. I already searched JRI, Jewishgen, LDS.

Thank You so much in advance

Shaul Berger

BRUMER, RETTIG, WATTENBERG (Zolkiew, Rawa Russka);
Dobromil, Stanislawow, Hungary);
BERGER & SPITZER (Szecseny, Shirkovce, Prague);

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