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As someone who has done a lot of research re Jews in Szabadka I would have to say it is not easy. Most records are not on line. There is at the Subotica Archives a file of rabbinical vital records dating back to the early 18th Century. I would love to see these records transcribed someday.

If I remember correctly there is a Spitzer family in the local Jewish cemetery, which is online.

Beyond that there is an 1828 land census of heads of households in the Batschka. It has been fully transcribed by Martha Remer Connor; the transcription which is now on line through FamilySearch, title "Germans and Hungarians, 1828 Land Census, Bacs Bodrog, Hungary". JewishGen has posted some names >from the 1828 census when it believes the person counted was Jewish either because in some cases he was identified as Jewish or because he had what seemed likely to be a Jewish name.

Radix which is a paid site has records of various sorts, including a list of employees in 1917 on the Hungarian railway which included my great grandfather and his brother in law.
Radix also has an 1891 Industrial survey.

JewishGen has posted by name List of Subotica Jews victims of the Fascist Occupation 1941-1945.

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