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Amit N


I am searching for a photo and a small passage about KRAUSZ Bela, born
in Orszallas (Stanisic, Serbia) in the following book:
A DÊlvidÊk hadtÜrtÊnete : 1914-1918 / szerk. De Sgardelli Caesar ;
Szurmay SÃ¥ndor bevezetÅ? soraival. - Budapest : HadtÃœrtÊneti KiadvÃ¥nyok
Kiadóhivatala, [1942?]. - 320, [2] p., 483 col., [1], 79, [1] p. ; 31
KezdÅ? kÃœtet Ês / vagy oldalszÃ¥m:
col. 233

If anyone has this book and can help me out, I would be very happy!

Thank you all,
Amit Naor

Moderator: Please respond to Amit off-list if you can help.

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