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Steve Stein

In June 2000, I drove through Mateszalka with some cousins (NOT >from my
Mateszalka family) and we stopped briefly at the cemetery, which had lot of
headstones still extant. We did not plan a lot of time to wander, but I
recall that the caretaker had a hand-drawn map of the cemetery with surnames
on the grave locations. It had some graves with my surnames (KLINE, BLUM)
but I could not find the graves I was looking for in that short time. A more
recent visitor I spoke to recently saw no such map. The caretaker is now
nearly 90 years old.

Has anyone who has visited this cemetery ever seen this map? If so, do you
recall if it was this caretaker who had it, or perhaps someone else?


Steve Stein
Highland Park, NJ USA

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