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A 2nd cousin recently visited Sarospatak where our grandparents came from, =
and tried to get into the Jewish cemetery but it was locked, and he was tol=
d there is no caretaker. Yet he took pictures over the wall and it seems be=
tter cared for (grass relatively short) than when I visited many years ago.=
Does anyone know anything about the cemetery there, e.g. A list of burials=
, caretaker, etc.? Also does anyone know if there are any Jews left there, =
and have any contacts? By the way, the Synagogue is a computer store but ha=
s a picture of the Synagogue on the front.=0A=
Also, the cousin and a Hungarian cousin visited the Budapest cemetery, =
and the found the graves of the brother of our grandparents who stayed when=
the rest of the family came to the US. (See "Abris Survived," Avotaynu, Wi=
nter 2009). Does anyone know anything about the Budapest cemetery or have c=
ontacts there? R =

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