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I am tracking three interrelated Schreiber families >from Stropkov =
in Zemplen County and trying to figure out how they fit together.

In particular, I am trying to identify the parents of Elimelech =
Schreiber of Stropkov (1823?-1891).=20

Several trees on (perhaps copying each other) identify this =
Elimelech Schreiber of Stropkov as the son of Salamon and Terez =
Valenstein Schreiber of Papa, Hungary. This assertion strikes me as =

Elimelech's death record says he was born and died in Stropkov; Papa is =
200 miles >from Stropkov. The memoirs of Elimelech's son Isidore =
Schreiber say Elimelech lived after his marriage in 1842 in a brick =
cottage in Stropkov adjoining the house of Elimelech's parents (not =
named), which seems to imply that they had lived in Stropkov for quite =
some time. Isidore describes Elimelech's family as a "respected" family, =
which implies deep roots in Stropkov. But the 1848 census finds Salamon =
and Terez Schreiber living in Papa, 200 miles away, with their eight =
children. Isidore also says Elimelech was "the only son" of his family; =
but Salamon and Terez Schreiber of Papa had at least four sons, =
according to the 1848 census.

I am grateful to anyone who can shine light on this puzzle.

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