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Fellow Researchers,
I am looking for the LDS film that has the original marriage record for
Lajos CSERI and Hani FACKER dated 13-Mar-1888 in Eger. The record in the
JG database shows that it resides on LDS film #842815 Vol. 2/126-03.
However, when I bring up that film (#842815) on the web
site using the Search by Film/Fiche Number feature, the film is for
Massachusetts Probate. When I search separately for the marriage records
for Eger, the film number is 004227631, which is correct for Eger for
the period of 1842-1895 (beginning at Image 402). However, there are no
marriage records for the date in question, so I'm wondering if I'm
looking at the correct film? Can someone please see if they can find the
marriage record in the LDS films for CSERI Lajos for 13-Mar-1888 in
Eger? Thank you! Jerry Zeisler Portland, Oregon USA

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