Hungary SIG #Hungary A Thank You and Some Further Inquiries #hungary

Amit N

Hello all,

Thank you very much for your incredible help with my inquiry about
DEUTSCH Antal, b. in Ujpest on 1958, and married LICHTENSTEIN Roza.
With your help I learned a lot about his family and children.
In addition, I would like to try and locate his death notice/obituary.
He apparently died on May 6th, 1905, according to one death record. I
am also looking for the death notice of LICHTENSTEIN Mor, his father
in law, who was born in 1838 and died in 1916. He was married to KLING
Where can I find such documents? I have tried my best searching
hungaricana,hu, but with no luck. Is there another place to search
Hungarian newspapers?

Thank you very much once more,
Amit Naor

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