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TThere are good resources for cemeteries but none of them contain all the
A couple of years ago there was a project in Hungary about collecting data
about these cemeteries.
Their were teams going around certain areas but in many cases they did not
find the cemeteries, they did not have the tools, or time, etc.

from my experience I can tell you that most towns and villages had some sort
of Jewish cemetery, some even had two or more (in case the 'old' one was
full or the community (or rather the Chevra Kadisha) split after the
Neolog/Orthodox/Status quo ante split. The best resource is the cadastral
maps which would mark the location of such cemeteries. There is also an
on-going effort to create a fully interactive website with the locations of
all cemeteries (all these data are/will be based on cadastral maps, land
records, etc.).

When one drives through towns, one needs to ask several people on the
streets as some may not be fully aware about the existence of a Jewish
cemetery and then they may turn you away...


Karesz Vandor
genealogist/historian/private tour guide

Hungarian Roots
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Some of the updates that I posted to H-SIG have already been posted to the
IAJGS website (e.g. see Carei, Baia Mare, Seini, Hajdusamson). I am awaiting
confirmation that the next batch have also been added.
This is a great resource in planning visits to various towns in addition to
the information on the very helpful Jewish Heritage Europe site. Here is the
link for Romania. (Copy and paste into your browser)

Use the US Commission Survey and scroll down to the cemeteries section to
find the FEDROM report.


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I have used the International Jewish Cemetery Project at to find information about cemeteries. Another
appropriate repository would be any KehilaLinks websites that have been
created for the communities reviwed.

Vivian Kahn

JewishGen Hungarian Research Director

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that's great, but is there any way to update the information on jewishgen?
there is jowbr, and, i think, some older infofiles as well. if i were
looking to visit these cemeteries, i'd be more likely to search the website
than to look through the h-sig discussion
group for updates.


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